How to Meet A Cougar? Things You Need To Know

Some people who like to meet a cougar usually wonder, “Who are the cougars near me?” If you tend to meet a cougar and need to know a lot of information about them, this article is undoubtedly for you. From the exact definition of “cougars” and their types to the best places to meet a cougar and how to attract them, we are going to learn a lot about cougars below.

A man and a Cougar woman are sitting in the snow on a date.

Who Is A Cougar?

Women between their thirties and fifties who prefer to date cubs (young men between twenties and thirties) are called cougars. Generally, there is a 10-year or more age gap between cougars and cubs.

Cougars are confident women who usually try to keep themselves fit and gorgeous, and are attracted to muscular and entertaining cubs. You can also find cougar relationships in pop culture, where celebrities including Nick Jonas and Bart Freundlich have made a relationship with cougars.

Cougars are usually mentally and financially stable. The biggest advantage of having a relationship with cougars is that they are mature enough to have more sex and life adventures, instead of carrying self-image as young girls tend to do. Also, they do not like to play games and know exactly what they want from the relationship they have with you.

The Two Types of Cougars

Yes, there are two types of cougars generally. If you tend to meet a cougar, you need to know the difference in advance.

  • First Type of Cougars: They usually seek a quick, adventurous night in bed. These ladies generally try to find the most handsome guy who is most of the time in shape, goes to the gym frequently, and is greatly strong in bed during sex.
  • Second Type of Cougars: This type mostly tries to find cubs to build long-term relationships. These cougars do not consider it all about physical attraction and sex. Despite that, keep in mind that the second type is also highly experienced in bed and loves to spend the night with a guy who is energetic, young, and powerful.

Places to Meet A Cougar

Maybe you are wondering, “Where can I find the cougars near me?” In general, there are some primary places where the possibility of discovering a cougar is significantly high. Let us review them one by one.

Gyms:Cougars love to stay in shape and are attracted to the cubs who are muscular and fit. That is why you can easily find them in gyms, when cycling, practicing Zumba, yoga, etc. If you can see a middle-aged woman in the gym smiling at you while you are lifting something or cycling, chances are high that she is a cougar. If you know some fitness knowledge, the best thing is to approach them and start talking.

Your Office:Cougars are usually widowed or divorced and self-dependent. If you work in an office on a project along with ladies older than you, you can possibly spot a cougar. Just be careful on such occasions, as these places are official and a simple mistake can ruin everything. If you can get some smiles and attention from the older woman standing in front of you, go ahead and try to creatively start a conversation about yourselves.

Charity Events:Charity events are also among the best places where you can spot cougars. Rich cougars tend to attend these events for social gatherings and charity purposes. You can find well-known cougars in such places easily.

Bars And Restaurants:You can find classier older women at bars and restaurants while drinking wine. Try to check out the local bars and classy restaurants to meet a cougar. You can even search for them in casinos and hotels. The advantage of such places is that you can probably spend the night with the cougar there.

During Trips:This is an exciting idea to go on a vacation and return with an older woman. There are numerous trip stories with cougars. You can test your chance and have a foreign country sightseeing trip to possibly find your cougar in the process.

Online Dating Websites:An online dating website that works specifically on age gap dating can be the best place where you can find a cougar, especially during the pandemic. It is the safest way to meet a cougar online. You can check the website and its authenticity in advance, read the reviews, and if you are satisfied, go ahead and purchase a subscription. The best thing about these websites is that you can search for cougars based on your filters and preferences including age, location, etc.

How to Attract A Cougar

You can follow several steps to ultimately attract a cougar and make her want to have a relationship with you. To do so:

Specify Your Desire: It is vital to know whether you just want sex or a long-term relationship. If you just want sex, the best approach is to be honest about it and let the cougar lady find out about it soon. Women are fine with sex too, then do not be afraid of being honest.

Forget The “Cougar” Stereotype: People may have various desires and behaviors. When trying to approach a lady older than you, forget the “cougar” stereotype and act normally. Try to treat her respectfully, just like you do with other people.

Express Your Interest: If you like an older woman, let her know about it. The method you use to show you are attracted to her depends on yourself and the situation you are in. Creating welcoming eye contact and simply smiling to see if she smiles back is among the easiest methods to show your interest in a woman.

Prepare For Rejection: If you approach a mature woman and she rejects you, it is completely fine. Remain polite. You can even show your disappointment, but do not act disrespectfully. Just let her know that in case she changes her mind, you will be there for her.

Be Young: When you are interested in an older woman, do not try to act like men of her age. Just be yourself. Cougars tend to like younger men for they are adventurous, romantic, and open-minded.

Be Honest: If the cougar you are interested in is telling you that her last relationship has ended because the guy she met was a stubborn, workaholic person, and you know that currently, you have to prioritize work over everything, be honest, and let her know. Maybe this is not the best time to date this woman.

Final Words

If you think you are interested in a woman older than you, do not hesitate and test your chance respectfully. Try to specify what your intention is beforehand, whether it is just sex or a long-term relationship, and see if it matches with the intentions of the cougar you are going to meet.

Keep in mind that you can find cougars in bars, restaurants, offices, gyms, casinos, charity events, and most importantly, online age-gap dating websites. Go ahead and build the relationship you like. It is just enough to be honest and young, and not be afraid of rejection.

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